Your School Parents Teachers Association (PTA) needs you

Last year 2014 – 2015 was a fantastic year for the school, and the children participated in a huge range of activities.

A little amount of parent participation and support lead to huge success at PTA events and enormous amounts of cash was raised for the school, which your children benefit hugely from.

Last year the PTA raised £6,150 at the summer school fete alone. This was just one event held throughout the year that helped raise £15,000 for the school. That’s just amazing and helps fund your children for extra activities and to buy additional resources for them.

Unfortunately the recent PTA AGM was poorly supported with only 5% of the parents attending. In addition the current chairperson and treasurer resigned after 2 years, having achieving so much for the PTA and school.

This leaves us with a serious problem as without a chairperson and treasury there can be no PTA. Which means you, the parents, will need to be digging deeper into your pockets to help fund your children’s activities.

Those additional extras that the PTA provides such as:

  • The school disco
  • The annual pantomime
  • Christmas presents and the Christmas Party
  • School trip transport

may not be able to continue and added to this the much needed resources that the PTA  help to fund such as laptops and  Learnpads, Library books, subsidised track suits, blinds and stage lighting for the hall etc.  Will not be able to continue.

We need a willingness from parents to contribute a little of their time. So I am asking for your help and support with regard to the PTA.

The PTA is a great charity, working hand in hand with the school, and supporting one another to make these school based events successful for all concerned.

We will be holding a Parents Meeting on Wednesday October 14th 2015 at 9.00 am and 2.45 pm and we need your support in a number of ways.

Firstly, PLEASE attend one of these sessions or send a representative in your place.

We would like two parents (or their representatives) to come forward from each year group to act as communicators/ PTA representatives to help inform fellow parents of up and coming events.

We need to formalise the PTA Committee and fill all the key roles – chair, treasurer, secretary

Without more assistance the PTA will have to cease, and the charity dissolve.

Please advise the school office if you cannot attend one of the Parents Meetings on Wednesday 14th October.

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