Ye Olde Red Tail Falcon Display

On Wednesday March 20th we were excited to welcome Ye Olde Red Tail Falcon display team to our school.  Ray brought 8 birds of prey with him, including owls, falcons, hawks and a vulture, called Archie.  He was so knowledgable about the birds and it was inspiring the way he handled and flew them. Some of them he had reared from eggs.  Dobby was a very friendly kestrel, who kept landing on the children’s heads. It was a thrilling opportunity for the children to experience these majestic creatures so close at hand and they learned a great deal. “I learned how big barn owls and peregrine falcons are. I didn’t think they were so big.  Barn owls are so cute.” Tommy.“I learned that the vulture rips the carcass and sticks his head in and that’s why it’s bald!” Laceymay. “Everyone wants a Dobby!” Evie. 

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