School Council

Introducing the Woodham Walter School Council 2017-18!

A school council is group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school. We have an active School Council which meets every fortnight.

Our School Councillors are very excited about a new academic year where they will have the opportunities to become effective communicators, excellent listeners and efficient decision makers. We are looking forward to coming up with lots of good ideas to make our school even better.

We also take part in joint activities as part of the Blackwater Partnership, including the annual School Council Conference in Maldon each March and a trip to the Houses of Parliament in the autumn term.

New representatives from each class have been elected by their peers and are looking forward to the important challenges and tasks ahead.

Before being elected for the role Milo said “I think I would be a good school councillor because I am helpful, caring and fair. I am a good role-model and I want to make our school a better place”.

Daisy thought that she was a good candidate because she “cares about the school and wants it to continue to be a fun place to be.” She’d also like to help raise more money to buy more equipment and resources.

Good luck everyone! I’m sure you will do a great job!

The Houses of Parliament

In November the Key Stage 2 School Council members enjoyed the annual trip to the Houses of Parliament. There, they had an extensive tour of this amazing historic building, were able to see politicians debating in the House of Commons and had their own debate in order to learn about how bills are proposed and how laws are passed.

"The trip was awesome! We got to see people debating and it inspired us to be better School Councillors for our school!" (Joe H)

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