Key Stage Two had a fantastic time on their STEM day discovering who had taken the school trophy and why.


The children had to become forensic scientist to analyse fingerprints left behind on the trophy shelf, they also used different suspects descriptions to discover whose hair sample was discovered. They found out if the soil sample left behind was permeable or impermeable by carrying out an investigation. The rock from the broken window was matched to descriptions of sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic and volcanic rocks.


The children designed and made a humane burglar trap using various K’nex equipment, Clixi or junk boxes.

They designed and made a burglar alarm by using wires, batteries, tin foil and buzzers to complete electrical circuits.


Designing a new trophy cabinet that would be burglar proof was creative and technical fun.


Comparing and measuring shoe prints from the soles of different boots and matching them to the suspects shoe was testing our observational and measuring skills.

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