Class 4

This term our topic is 'Inside Out'

Please have a look at our topic sheet:

Summer Term

Inside Out Summer Term - Class 4

On Thurday12th July Class 2 and 4 worked together on a STEM activity. The activity involved designing and making a pulley system.


Class 4 have produced 'Monet' style ART work, please see a selection below:








Spring Term

Home from Home - Spring Term 2018 - Class 4

Feel the Force - Autumn Term 2017 - Class 4

Class 4's Working Walls for English and Maths.


Class 4 computing session - using Word features to produce a piece of work.



Class 4 English lesson - to share and 'magpie' ideas with the rest of the class.


Miss Manley helped the children to make Gingerbread people.


We have been busy making clay Christmas decorations and can't wait to paint them and hang them on the tree!




We use our reading area for reading with friends, working in groups and for Guided Reading with an adult.

Reading Gladiators

Every month we are introduced to six new titles.  We can choose to read any of these books independently, in pairs or in groups.  Alongside these books we have a Reading Gladiator journal that we complete after reading.


















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