Dragon Class

This term our topic is "Star Gazers"

Please have a look at our topic and homework sheets below:

Spring Term 1 





Autumn Term 1

Autumn 2 Topic Sheet

Autumn Term 1

Autumn 1 Topic Sheet

Autumn 1 Homework Sheet 
































Class 4 have designed and made models of a Harry Potter creature of their own!










Red Deers and Dragons have been busy making a sorting hat cake with a surprise centre- yummy!






In Dragon class this half term, we have enjoyed working on our Topic ‘Alchemy Island’.  We started by meeting the Chief Alchemist Voldar who set the class off with a riddle –  

‘A riddle I bequeath thee 

That beseeches you to travel 

To an island on an ancient quest 

Where secrets will unravel. 


Yet first you need to use your wit 

To find out where thou art. 

In which of the four kingdoms 

Hence your portal soon embark? 


Commence they trip in Southern realms 

High o’er the windy seas, 

Where borne of Winter snow there lies 

A fortress in the trees. 


Hark the bells of ancient walls 

With secrets yet untold. 

Therein that stone doth hunt, my friend, 

Go toil for gems and gold. 

The children started by analysing the language used in the riddle and then solved it in order to find their starting point on the map.   

Each activity led us to another part of the map where, along the way, they would complete a variety of tasks in order to receive more coordinates to continue their journey on the map. 

Through Alchemy Island children have written descriptions about magical portals, stories involving a portal, non-chronological reports and cinquain poetry.  Through Science , children have had may opportunities to complete investigations involving changing state.  Through DT and Geography they have created 3D maps and have used grid references to explore it and  designed torches using their knowledge of electrical circuits.   

For their final task, the children were presented an innovate board which set them a challenge to complete: 

The UK’s largest video game company is making a new game based on your adventure on Alchemy Island. The game needs a soundtrack that will wow gamers as they play their way through the trickiest levels. Use your experience and the skills you’ve learnt to recreate the magic of Alchemy Island with sounds and music. Then pitch your ideas to the game company’s board of directors! 

The children worked on their presentations and then performed to the rest of the class and showcased their soundtracks during the Exhibition with Parents, Carers and Governors.






As part of our Alchemy Island work, children were asked to write a non-chronological report about Gold for the Chief Alchemist .  The children learnt lots of different information about Gold and are ready to talk to the Chief Alchemist to show him their knowledge.



We use our reading area for reading with friends, working in groups and for Guided Reading with an adult.

Reading Gladiators

Every month we are introduced to six new titles.  We can choose to read any of these books independently, in pairs or in groups.  Alongside these books we have a Reading Gladiator journal that we complete after reading.

Our Reading Gladiators are!






































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