Red Deer Class

This term our topic is Raiders and Traders.

Please have a look at our topic and homework sheets below:

Red Deer Class Topic 

Homework - Red Deer Class

Autumn Term

Red Deer Class enjoyed a Viking style feast which included fruit, cottage cheese, bread and honey. It was delicious. We listened to Viking style music and told stories.

We used clay to make Anglo-Saxon style jewellery. We looked at images of pots that had been discovered by archaeologists and studied the patterns marked on the them. We then made our own and decorated them with marks and patterns. They look fabulous.

Red Deers and Dragons have been busy making a sorting hat cake with a surprise centre- yummy!






Red Deers and Dragons have been busy making a sorting hat cake with a surprise centre- yummy!

Red deer had a great day to begin the half term. They were set a challenge to build a boat, strong enough to carry two people (mobile) and that could travel across a stretch of water without being pushed. The children worked collaboratively to share ideas, design, build, evaluate and then modify their boats. They sailed them across the water tray with varying degrees of success. But they learned a great deal in the process.

“I learned that you had to make it light. It worked better when we took the wheels off.” Aimee.

“I leaned that you need to put something on your boat that will float.” Harry

“I learned that you need a bigger sail for the wind to catch it.” Henry

“I think that the boat needs a safety ring in case the boat sinks.” Leon

Red Deer class have had a busy half term working around the theme of Potions. We began with a trail which lead us to the Drink Me potion in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. We discussed the dangers of drinking unknown potions and looked at labels and warning symbols.

We learned about weird and wonderful potions as medicines in the past and the gory ingredients they used. We used pictures to learn about the history of anaesthetics, writing letters as if we were actually there.

Macbeth’s three witches inspired us to write our own spells and we made the potions, adding warning labels and listing the ingredients we used. The children performed the story of Romeo and Juliet, and will be on tour shortly (at Celebration Assembly and the Village Revue!)

The children learned about states of matter, solids, liquids and gases, and wrote reports to an alien who was particularly interested in water, as it isn’t found on his planet. The children also made chocolates so that we could observe solids melting as they were heated and becoming solid again as the liquid cooled. In addition to this, children designed containers for their chocolates, made prototypes to test them out and then made one to take their chocolates home in.

Red Deer had a tremendous time mixing potions.  First we collected the ingredients, measuring them carefully according to the recipes we wrote.  Then we mixed the ingredients and observed what happened.  We wrote warning labels and lists of ingredients for the bottles.  Thank you to the parents who sent in the ingredients, containers and equipment to make it all possible.




Our reading area is comfortable and full of ood books for everyone. We can concentrate really well..


Reading Gladiators

Some of the children in year 4 have risen to the challenge of becoming a Reading Gladiator. Over the course of the year children read eight carefully selected books and at the end of the year take part in an exciting reading challenge day. The programme is designed to stretch, motivate and embed the reading habit, thus providing a good foundation for the challenges of the upper junior school.

Each month, they read a book and take part in some activities and competitions based on the story, during guided reading and independent learning time. The children have produced some amazing art work.


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