Class 3

This term our topic is 'Inside Out'.

Please have a look at our topic sheet:

Summer Term

Inside Out Summer Term - Class 3

Please see this terms homework sheet below:

Homework Sheet 2 - Class 3

Summer Term

Inside Out Summer Term - Class 3

Please see this terms homework sheet below:

Homework Sheet 2 - Class 3

Class 3 performed their play Minibeast Madness yesterday. It was a huge success. The audience really enjoyed the performance, the singing and dancing and acting. There were 4 different languages in the play. Teachers and parents are really proud of what the children have achieved.

The children made their own costumes, props and backdrop, from just plain t-shirts, cardboard boxes and lots of paint!

Class 3 displayed their creative homework. Visitors and other pupils were invited to write comments on them.  There were so many positive comments.  The children did an amazing job.

Here  are a few of the amazing comments from our parents:

Wow another fantastic performance tonight.  It’s so lovely to see how confidently the children performed and how much they loved it! They are really blossoming.”

It was fantastic. The children did amazingly and it was a fantastic show. Thank you.”

Spring Term

Home from Home Spring 2018 - Class 3

Feel the Force - Autumn Term 2017 - Class 3


Class 3 have been thinking about friendship. They decorated outlines of their hands beautifully, with intricate patterns and wrote five qualities that make a good friend.  We made them into a wreath for our door.



Our reading area is comfortable and full of ood books for everyone. We can concentrate really well..


Reading Gladiators

Some of the children in year 4 have risen to the challenge of becoming a Reading Gladiator. Over the course of the year children read eight carefully selected books and at the end of the year take part in an exciting reading challenge day. The programme is designed to stretch, motivate and embed the reading habit, thus providing a good foundation for the challenges of the upper junior school.

Each month, they read a book and take part in some activities and competitions based on the story, during guided reading and independent learning time. The children have produced some amazing art work.


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