Play Leaders

We are now giving the children in Dragon Class  the very important responsibility of becoming Play Leaders at lunchtimes.  On Monday, Denise Ford from the Healthy Schools team provided both the staff and children with Positive Play Training, and gave us lots of fantastic ideas for games and activities to engage the younger children in. Dragon Class then spent an afternoon demonstrating some of the games they were taught to Unicorn and Lion Class, to advertise their services!  We hope that our Play Leaders will ensure that ALL children have someone to play with, that games are fun, safe and fair and that they themselves find the experience both enjoyable and rewarding.

This is what Dragon Class children said about becoming Play Leaders:

“We don’t want children to be left alone at playtime.  We want to make them happy and enjoy playing the games.”

“It’s nice to have responsibility which will be good for us later in life.”

“Being a Play Leader is going to be really fun!  It’s nice to play with the little ones and get to know them.”

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