Local Community

Woodham Walter

Woodham Walter is a village about three miles west of Maldon in the county of Essex. The village is part of the Wickham Bishops and Woodham ward of the Maldon district.

The village was first recorded as "Wudeham" in c. 875. The name, which means "village in the wood" is derived from the old English words "wudu" (wood in modern English) and "ham" (home, or homestead).  The modern name may derive from the Fitzwalter family who owned Woodham Walter Hall, a moated manor house in the village for many generations. The house was demolished in the 17th century by William Fytch.

There is evidence of earlier settlement. A hoard of silver coins was found in the village, dated to c. 700.  At Oak Farm in 1991 three gold and bronze torcs were discovered. They have been dated to c. 1000 BC.

The Domesday Book entry for Woodham Walter lists a population of 18.