Exhibition Day

A big thank you to all of you who came into school to share our Exhibition day with us. It was lovely to see so many of you there.

This was the first time that the children have showcased, what and how, they are learning through our new and exciting curriculum. A few quotations show just how thrilled they were:

‘My mum and my nanny came and think my number 2’s are so good’ Alfie -Unicorn class

‘Elise came and said’ ‘WOW!!’ she liked my family tree. I felt pleased that she came. Jamie- Lion class

‘My mum said it was good and that she enjoyed it. It was a bit scary with all of the parents there but I enjoyed it and at the end I felt good and wanted to do it again and again’ Evie - Red Deer class

‘I was happy and excited when my dad came because he hasn’t been into my classroom before. I was proud’ Amelia – Dragon Class

And a couple of examples form the parents comments book:

‘So wonderful to see all of the lovely work the children have been doing. So much hard work has been put into everything. Teachers and pupils should be so proud’

‘Kids are doing amazingly well here. All the creativity and confidence is such a positive thing to see’

Examples of the children’s work is on display in the hall for those of you who were unable to take part in the exhibition.

What a great team we are at Woodham Walter

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