Our Team

 Sue Dodd  Headteacher Designated Child Protection Officer; Lead on Safeguaring, Strategic Direction, Self Evaluation, Worship, PE Sports Funding, Rhythmic Movement and Educational Visits; Governor
Julie Lee-Ranson Deputy Headteacher Deputy Child Protection Officer; Health and Safety Officer; Lead on: Assessment, Literacy, Music and Modern Foreign Languages; Governor
Claire Lethbridge Class Teacher Lead on: Numeracy and Computing (including eSafety); Governor
Jo Thain Class Teacher Lead on: Foundation and KS1, PTA Representative,  RE, PSHE and School  Council Leader
Julie Simmons Class Teacher Lead on: Science and Creative Curriculum
Kate Tokgöz SENCo(2 days) Lead on: More Able, Pupil Premium and LSA Mentor
Sam Johnson Part Time Class Teacher/ Part Time HLTA  Maths/Pupil Premium/ More Able Support 
Tara Mountier HLTA/LSA Family Liaison Officer; Lead on: First Aid and Visual Impairment
Lynsey Parker-Druce HLTA/LSA Lead on: Forest School, First Aid; Mid Day Supervisor
Jo Keeble LSA Dance and Visual Impairment
Jo Goody LSA  
Nicola Ware LSA  
Claire Manley LSA  
Lisette Yuill LSA  
Louise Parry LSA  
Julie O'Grady Business Manager Lead on: School Budget and Finance
Frances Bodey Office Administrator Lead on Attendance 
Alex Clarke Catering Manager (3 days) Gardener  
Gina Roberts-Morgan Catering Assistant (2 days)  
Bridget Mumford  Kitchen Assistant   
Kevin Inwood  Site Manager